As a skilled worker we speak your language – because we too are skilled workers

As a staff services provider Runtime has quite a lot to offer. For example a  personal job manager, who accompanies you along the way to your next job, advises and supports you. Because our job managers are not only professionals in the field of temporary employment and staff placement, but are themselves skilled workers, they also speak your language. Just one of our many advantages we have to offer as a staff services provider. Moreover, our clients from various fields are constantly looking for skilled workers particularly in the areas of metal working, electronics and logistics. Even carpenters and painters are frequently sought. That means: one job application, many opportunities. In addition, we place a lot of skilled workers in the medical sector and in the booming field of wind technology.

On the road to success with us as your staff services provider

Our job listings databank provides you with suitable jobs that match your qualifications and are in your vicinity from the very start. As a staff services provider we have specialised in the areas of industry and the trades, logistics, office management, wind technology and engineering & IT. Aside from a great number of vacant positions we can offer you possibilities for advanced training. This way you remain on top of the game and gather additional knowledge with which you can pursue your specialisation.

Besides skilled workers we regularly seek reliable assistants for our clients in the fields of office management, engineering and IT experts and managers. Apply to us now – we look forward to meeting you and will gladly accompany you along your personal road to success as a reliable and competent staff services provider.