History / Milestones

Runtime Services can look back on five successful decades of high dynamics in the development of industrial and human resources services.

Runtime Services, which is the heart of the human resources division within the Runtime Services, presently has over 3,000 co-workers and more than 40 branch offices. Above and beyond this there are associated companies in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.


1960 Founding of Deutsche Tailleur (DTG) by Hans Topp. In subsequent years the the company specialized in industrial packaging and achieved market leadership in major branches such as machine and facilities construction, manufactured goods and automobile parts.
1985 Founding of ADS (today known as Runtime Services GmbH & Co. KG).
1996 At the Deutsche Tailleur Gruppe, the „temporary employment“ division is founded.
bis 1999 Expansion of the national network of branch offices.
2000 Takeover of the Deutsche Tailleur Gruppe by D.Logistics AG. The human resources activities are outsourced through a management buy-out by Birger Topp.
2001 Founding of the RUNTIME Services. 500 employees in Germany.
2 branch offices in Belgium.
2002 Founding of Credo RUNTIME AG (Switzerland) http://www.credo-runtime.ch
2003 Expansion of the service range through the founding of its own production centers (Runtime Productions).
2004 Further expansion of business operations: Founding of RC Document Service, a company for document management.
2005 ounding of further overseas branch offices in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.
2007 Consolidation of the German branch office network and founding of the Austrian subsidiary.
Organic growth to 70 branch offices in 7 countries in Europe.
2010 Founding of Promedis24 GmbH as a specialised service provider in the areas of medicine and health care.
Founding of RTS Wind AG, as a provider of human resources services in the on and off-shoreconstruction of wind energy facilities.
2013 Further expansion in Europe and consolidation of the German branch office network.


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